Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Bean Tea Station

Little Bean in Yaohan just underwent some renovations.  When they boarded up the place last week, I was a bit disappointed because I thought they were closing for good.  I was pleasantly surprised to seem them open up shop about a week later...didn't want to have wasted my points card!

Bubble Tea has been in Richmond for more than 15 years (18 yrs maybe?) and I'm 99% sure that Bubble Tea arrived in the lower mainland of BC before it spread throughout North America.  Little Bean was one of the earlier shops that sold Bubble Tea, but I'm pretty sure it was Little Tea House and Bubbleworld that started it all here in Vancouver/Richmond.  I used to go here a lot (here and Bubbleworld) but I haven't been for a while trying to cut back - too fat, haha!

Usually, I order matcha ice cream with pearls, but I don't remember it being so watered down.  It still tasted good, but definitely not as much ice cream as I remember.  I'll have to check out Bubbleworld to see if I remember which one I liked better.  Like I said, it's been ages.  My previous favourite was Taro milk tea (not real taro, the powdered kind, haha!).

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