Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hairy Curry? Curry Point and La Tandoor

I don't think I will ever eat here again.  The place is a filthy little dive in a corner of a nasty little food court in the Village of UBC.

To capitalize on the popularity of butter chicken, they charge an extra $2 for it when you order a 2 item combo and want two orders of butter chicken. Their prices are already not competitive with say Curry Express (which actually has better butter chicken in my opinion).

The butter chicken was a bit runny and not as rich as some other places.  If you like your butter chicken runny, Curry Point is for you.  For the most part, it was edible until........

............we found a hair at the end of the meal.  I know it's so cliche to complain about a hair in one's food, but c'mon, this is just downright gross.  I should have known better because that dingy little food court isn't fit for the cafeteria in a P.O.W. camp.  The entire place is minging, and the moment you walk in, you feel like you're surrounded in filth. 

Anyway, I'll never go back to Curry Point, just like this other place called La Tandoor in Steveston. 

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La Tandoor is an Indian place in Steveston and when they first opened, lots of people were talking about it, but when I went, it was a pretty quiet place with an AYCE buffet table.  I went for the AYCE which was a huge mistake because all I eat is butter chicken and maybe sometimes tandoori chicken.  For $20+, I ate a lot of butter chicken, and I can get a decent butter chicken meal at Curry Express for about $8.  The butter Chicken was good though, don't get me wrong, but it's the dessert station where my experience fell apart.  There was a dark curly hair in the dessert that was some sort of rice pudding.

I guess it goes without saying I'll never go back to La Tandoor either.

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