Monday, June 27, 2011

La Chocolaterie

Located in the recently renovated Izumi-ya Japanese grocery store, La Chocolaterie is one of the newest, of Japanese-style shops/eateries popping up around town.  The Japanese style chocolate here is hand-made, and this tiny little shop really gave me this feeling of Japan.  Was it the presentation?  The way the staff greeted us?  I wasn't really sure, but I had to try their chocolate.

Samples of the variety of flavours they produce.  I tried just about every single one, and wasn't a big fan of the yuzu, but really liked the matcha, coffee, and strawberry flavoured chocolates. 
These gift packs are a great idea, I wonder if they wrap them too?

The smaller packs are more appropriate if you like a particular flavour and you just want to nibble on them some times.

Being a student of sado, I've come to really appreciate matcha, and though I'm still quite a beginner, I could tell that the grade of matcha isn't you're run-of-the mill $10 can of matcha from Osaka/T&T in Yaohan - it's actually of pretty good quality, and fresh too.  The chocolate is rich, but isn't overwhelming or overly sweet.  It blends perfectly with the matcha.  I guess one way to discribe it is it's like a high-quality, custom-made Melty Kiss.  But of course, La Chocolaterie's confections are in a league of it's own compared and shouldn't really be compared to a Melty Kiss, lol.

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  1. Ahhh I love this place. My favourites are the matcha and coffee as well :)
    Btw nice blog!

  2. Hey krispymilk,

    Thanks for reading! Looks like you got an interesting blog yourself! I'm new to this blogging thing and don't really know what I'm doing, haha!


  3. Well if you call yourself new after having blogged for at least 3 years according to your archive dates, then I should dig a hole in bloggerland and crawl inside :P


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