Friday, June 3, 2011

Hong Kong Cafeteria

Hong Kong Cafeteria, one of the places my parents make a stop to on their morning walks.  It's a tiny little shack in the corner of Richmond Public Market and although it doesn't look like much, it puts out some decent snacks, breakfast items and an assortment of teas such as HK style milk tea or lemon teas.


I myself have tried their breakfast meals which are inexpensive, and of decent quality.  I've also had their milk teas and lemon teas but my parents swear by their ying-yang drinks (milk tea and coffee mix). 

Hong Kong Cafeteria (Richmond Public Market) on Urbanspoon


  1. The name in Chinese is so funny/weird: Hong Kong Tea (Car). Why is the car in a circle?

    I'll have to try this place's milk tea :)

  2. Haha, no idea....sometimes the English names are weird enough, guess they can be weird in Chinese too!

  3. @Janice

    The name of the shop is a pun. The last character shouldn't be pronounced [ce], but rather [geoi], the way it should be pronounced as a piece on Chinese chess. Hence, the name of the shop should be pronounced "Hong Kong cha geoi."

    That's why the last character is in a circle. You should connect you to the piece on Chinese chess.


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