Friday, June 3, 2011

Memphis Blues again

I guess Memphis Blues can be a hit and miss sometimes.  I went there with a couple of buddies from work last week and found this out.  Also, I found that I made a mistake on my previous post on Memphis Blues in the name of what we ordered. 
Deep fried Oysters -  a little on the dry side, but arite once dipped in tartar sauce.
The brisket was a lot leaner than the last time I was here.  It was almost tough, so I guess if you want the "edible grisle", maybe have to ask for it.
The coleslaw was still gross, but some of my friends liked it.
I'm really starting to dig the beans at Memphis.  Reminds me of the beans that Tony Roma's used to serve.
The hoison-flavoured bbq sauce was still good as ever, and aided with the slightly drier meats.
Still love the cornbread, even though it's a filler
So, THIS is the Elvis Platter.  Apparently, the last time around, we ordered the Memphis Feast, which was actaully half the size of the Elvis Platter.  I mistakenly boasted to the cashier that three of us easily defeated the Elvis Platter.  When the real Elvis platter showed up, I ate my words silently, giving no eye contact to our server/ embarrasing,


The side dishes came in ceramic bowls rather than the large paper cups.  The bowls contained roughly couble the amount.


.....and after.  Little difference right?

Unlike my last visit, I didn't even try to eat everything on the platter.  Despite certain items being slightly leaner than the last time I was here, I was looking forward to eating the leftovers for lunch.  A glorious battle, but we were all fallen wariors that night.


  1. I only like their pulled pork and ribs!

  2. Hey Elaine,

    Haha, you you don't like the brisket? So guuuuud!


  3. I like the Brisket and the Pulled Pork and the Sausage! So Guut!

  4. Hey Eric,

    Haha, how can you go wrong with brisket right? Yeah, my favourite has got to be the brisket too...the pulled pork was good, but really needed BBQ sauce to complete it.



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