Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dim Sum at Bing Sheng

I went with my parents to visit my Grandma's place a while ago and from her place, we walked to Bing Sheng.  We've been here before and I'm usually pretty hungry when I go, and pretty full and happy when I leave. 

Chicken knees, haha!  I've got a couple of friends that get creeped out by this sort of thing, but I love the stuff.  Would be better on a hot summer night accompanied by an ice-cold beer or some sake, but it's nice for breakfast as well, haha!
The congee was piping hot, and stayed hot for along time, probably because of the stone pot.  It also didn't seperate and get all watery half-way through your meal like some places I know. 
The hagow are crammed with shrimp and the skin is thin enough that if you're not careful, the whole thing will grenade on you.

Steamed pork ribs were built up with butternut squash filler, which isn't that bad.  I was tempted to order a bowl of rice and just dump the leftover drippings into it, but I refrained.
The siumai were also on the large side, and packed pork and shrimp.

Have I mentioned I love egg tarts?

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