Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Zaatar Mediterranean Hummus Bar

I discovered this place back in September last year, when I started working downtown.  After my first visit, I was hooked and ended up going here several times a week.  It was inexpensive, tasty, and apparently healthy.  The reason I have't posted earlier was because I've been pretty busy with two jobs, training and other stuff, so I just never got around to it.  Yeah, I have to say that this was one of the most addicting places I've ever encountered and my colleagues at work even wonder if I have some kind of sickness because I can go there so much. 

One of my colleagues got the Original Hummus for $6.95.  It comes with chickpeas, parsley, olive oil and two pitas.  Whenever I go there now, this is sort of what I usually get.
Here's what I used to get.  The "Bomb" for $12.45.  It's a lot pricier, but it comes with Tahini, Ground Beef and Falafel, on top of the Original Hummus.  I say used to because it is no longer available in this form.
The place must have undergone new management or ownership or something because the two lovely blonde servers I used to see there regularly are never there anymore, and are now replaced by two hairy men.  The service is still good, but there are definitely more changes than just the staff.  They stopped serving beef, which to me is blasphemous, but I still eat there because the hummus itself still tastes good, and same with the falafels.  This has however stopped me from ordering The "Bomb". 

Some more pictures of my beloved and long-lost "Bomb" dish:

I don't understand the changes that took place at my favourite eatery downtown, so if anyone knows, please post a comment and shed some light on the matter for me.  The food quality is still good, the quantities are decent, and the prices are still relatively the same.  I still go there once in a while, but not 3 or 4 times a week like I used to.  Plus you really, really smell like your food when you leave, if you decide to dine in, haha!

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  1. Long time no post Peter!
    I'm in a hummus phase and eating it every day (literally).
    Must try this place out when I get the chance.
    The Bomb sounded so epic :(

  2. Welcome back!!! I missed your blog!

  3. Hey Gloria! Eric!

    Haha, that was quick! After being gone so long, I was in serious doubt that anyone was paying attention to this blog anymore.

    Thanks for reading guys! I really appreciate it!

    Yeah, the Bomb isn't want it used to be, but it's still good. Sometimes I'm tempted to bring my own ground beef, haha!


  4. I've been craving hummus since I went to Nuba the other week! This place seems more wallet-friendly!

    Also glad you're back :D It's been a while!

  5. Hey Janice! Haha, long time...no....actually, we never met, but yea, long time no see! Yeah, Zaatar is pretty affordable, and I guess that's part of the reason I keep going as well, plus it's litarally right around the corner from my work place.

    You, me and Gloria should hit this place sometime and load up on hummus :)


  6. Just an FYI.. ;)
    The place is still under same management.
    It has just become "Parve kosher" which means that they can't serve meat or dairy in the place.. This has happend March 1st of this year.
    And cashiers come and go ;) I think the new one is hotter! I eat there at least once a week.. And I did wonder like you why they changed the menu.. So I've asked and I got a nice response :) what time do you go there? At lunch time I only see a beautiful cashier.. No hairy man ;) lol

  7. Hey Peter,

    There is a hot, curly-haired blonde girl there still so not sure who you were talking about... havent' seen any hairy men.

    You should re-visit :)


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