Friday, April 13, 2012

Whole Foods Market

Never go here with an Uncle Willy's mentality like I did,  and load up on as much as you can pack into your food container, haha!  So, Whole Foods Market is sort of an upscale grocery store that sells a lot of organic food (personally, I don't care if the food's organic or not) and healthy stuff and they've got this section where you get a nice little biodegradable container and pick what you want from what looks like a buffet setting, but clearly is not.  You pay by weight, and I completely forgot what the rate was, but that's sort of how it works. 

I got a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, and before I knew it, my container was full and I was barely able to get the lid on.  The food's good here, but more than what I wanted to pay for, personally.  That little collection above cost me $16....$16!!!!  WTF!!!  There was barely any meat in there, how the hell did it end up being $16!?!?!??  Haha, oh well, I'm sure it was all very healthy, and it did taste good so there's no point in complaining.  I doubt very much I'd go back there to dine, but you never know.  There is a section off to the side with real booths and cushioned seating just for people who wish to dine in. 

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