Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Famous Warehouse

Here's another little gem I discovered in the heart of Downtown Vancouver.  The Famous Warehouse, and her two sister restaurants The Loose Moose, and The Factory (Famouse Anaconda) are all clustered around the Granville and Nelson area, and they all feature menus for eats under $5.95.  The Famous Warehouse has all items for $4.95.  $4.95!!!  How can you go wrong?  For a sit down, dine-in place, it's unheard of.  Even the fast-food places run burgers that cost about $5, just for the burger nowadays.

The place is smallish, so around lunch time, it can be a nightmare.  From my experience, if you hit this place just before noon, you'll probably get seated. 

I know there are other specials, but on Wednesdays, it's $0.15 a wing and they're decent wings, not too small, well seasoned, and not burnt to a crisp. 

I usually get The Works Burger, which is a surprisingly awesome burger for $4.95.  It comes with bacon, cheese, onion strings and a brioche bun.  It's not in the same league as say Romer's Burger, but it's got similar ingredients.  The burger is stacked pretty high and it helps if you cut it in half, just like at Romer's.  The bun is brioche so it comes apart very easily...the price you pay for a fancier bun.  When you bite into it, there's a nice mix of textures from the softness of the bun to the crispiness of the onion strings.  The patty is probably your run of the mill Costco patty, but it sure as hell beats some of the fast food offerings for the same price.   

Haha, I like to assuage my conscience by ordering my Works Burger with salad.  It's basically mixed greens in a simple vinagrette, and it's a bit of a hit and miss.  Sometimes the vegetation is fresh and crispy, other days, it's a bit soggy and over/underdressed.  The salad is a somewhat healthy alternative to the fries, which are not too bad actually.  Since discovering this place, me and some pals will visit this place a few times a month.  It's cheap and tasty, what else can I say?  :)

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  1. Oh no! And I was just lamenting how much I miss the smell of freshly cut grass, the smell of Burgers on the Grill and a cold bottle of Sleeman's Lager... Now you had to blog about burgers!

  2. Haha, Eric, you need to come back to Vancouver sometime soon. I think you're way over due. But one of these days, I should really come out and visit you in your part of the world. It's been about 2 years since I last went on any sort of vacation.....



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