Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thai Bistro

Not exactly close to my office, but within reasonable walking distance is Thai Bistro.  The food was passable and the service was ho-hum, and not particularly friendly.  I truly have nothing inspiring to write about this place.

They had lunch specials which came with spring rolls, but instead of serving us individually, they put everyone's springrolls on a big party tray that came with some wilted lettuce.  The spring rolls tasted okay, but it might have been because I was hungry.

I ordered some kind of beef stir fry and to be honest, a little overpriced considering what I got.  Sure, it's dine-in and it's in Yaletown, but I could have gotten similar quality food at say Alleluiah or even the Yaohan Food Court.

Would I come back here?  Not likely.

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