Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kent's Kitchen on Victoria

I was blown away to hear that Kent's Kitchen sprouted another location.  Granted, the shop on Victoria's been around for the better part of a decade now, but still, it just seems so new compared to the original Chinatown location.  This one isn't as much of a take-out/dine-in grease-spoon like the original, it's much cleaner and pretty much has no place for you to sit down and eat.  The prices here are still dirt cheap, and the qualitiy of the food is just as good as the other place.

My tea group had a special lunch and so food was originally brought in from Angel Cake Cafe, one of my least favourite places on Earth.  Personally, I think we got hosed on the food as it was overpriced and didn't taste all that good.  Below, the offerings from Angel Cake are the spring rolls, the Spaghetti Bolognaise and the thing covered in cashews.  The rest of it was from Kent's Kitchen.

Instead of ordering the standard two-item combo on rice or noodles for $4.50, we got larger containers of each, and what does every gathering need when it comes to Chinese food?  Fried rice.  It's take-out qualitiy, so it was a good filler. 
The spring rolls were from Angel Cake, and they were okay, not great.
Got this one just for me, but the masses beat me to it and gobbled it all up, leaving me with a few scraps of mui choi and almost none of the glorious pork belly.
More fried rice...
Some green stuff...
Another all-time favourite of typical Chinese take-out, Sweet and Sour Pork.  Surprisingly, this was a lot better than what I remember of Kent's in Chinatown.  Or maybe they just improved the recipe.
The Spaghetti was collosally bad, and I'm not just saying this because I have a hate-on for Angel Cake Cafe.  Actually, I really liked the food there, but the service really pissed me off, so I was surprised their spaghetti turned out so crappy.  It looked good on top, but if you scraped away the baked cheese and bolognaise, you're left with a much of overcooked spaghetti noodles that are dried out and stuck together.
Another dish from Angel Cake.  I know cashews aren't cheap, but underneath the cashews was pretty much nothing but hunks of celery and carrots.....was there supposed to be some chicken in there somewhere?  This dish lacked dry you could gag on it.
Anyway, enough griping about Angel Cake Cafe, this post is supposed to be about Kent's Kitchen on Victoria.  The overall verdict is that the food is still cheap and tasty, the location is a pain because that parking lot is a nightmare (well, better than the original location which has no parking at all, haha!), but it doesn't feel like Kent's Kitchen.  Not dirty enough I guess, haha!  I'd probably go back though, if I was in the area, but once in a while, I like to go to the original Kent's in Chinatown and experience that nostalgic grease-spoon feel from my childhood.

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