Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Milestone's Coquitlam

I’ve been a fan of Milestone’s for a while now, and I know it’s not fine dining and not on par to the likes of Chop, The Keg, or Joey’s, but it’s a pretty good bang for your buck as far as family restaurants are concerned and the food is definitely a step above say White Spot, Swiss Chalet, Denny’s or Red Robin’s (are the even around still?).  I know I’ve been to this location before several times, but when I went through my postings, I couldn’t find one for this location.  We stopped in to this place after a day at the range and settled down to what was really my first meal of the day.  I don’t recall eating anything all day, but I guess I was having too much fun sending anger down range, haha!

The spinach and artichoke dip is a long-time favourite at Milestone’s and probably one of their signature appies.  The dip itself is served warmed and comes with bottomless tortilla chips....wish the dip was bottomless too, haha!

I ordered my usual favourite - the Four Cheese Burger.  It comes with a quality sesame bun, decent burger patty, veg and 4 lovely cheeses including goat and feta, and it’s topped with roasted garlic that literally melts in your mouth.  I ordered mine with a Caesar Salad that was also topped with the same roasted garlic. 

We ended up with some sort of desert our server talked us into, not even sure what it was but it sure looks tasty doesn’t it?  Haha, I think it was a freshly baked double chocolate cookie topped with ice cream.  The service here was as good as any Milestone’s (with the exception of the Yaletown location which I was not amused with one particular time.  This location, I would go in again if I was ever in the area.

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