Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Seasons In the Park - Revisited

Haha, this is my second attempt to get back in the saddle of food blogging.  After a fairly long hiatus, I think I'm ready to go again.  I was on a training course for my part-time job that ate up most of my weekends, and this was on top of my regular day job, so I was quite busy.  I was still taking pictures of just about everything I ate, but no time to organize the pictures and write up reviews.  Some of these pictures are probably going to date back to the end of last year...for example, these ones.

On my birthday, I took my parents out to Seasons in The Park, a place that's a bit fancier than our usual Mui Garden or Happy Date.  My last experience here was less than stellar, but the view was outstanding so I told my parents ahead of time not to expect too much from the food or service , but just to enjoy the view.  We were pleasantly surprised.

Warm bread is a great way to start of a meal, and the bread here was pretty good.  Some places serve it cold, but it was a cold day, so the warmed bread was a welcome touch.
I wasn't picky about the butter this time around because I expected it...and I was hungry too.
The Mushroom Caps weren't overly salty this time.  Last time I was here, it seemed as thought they were over-seasoned, but this day, they were perfect.  I don't know if they lunch staff are different than the evening staff, but what a difference.  They were rich, creamy, and baked to perfection and my parents absolutely loved them.  I think this may have been the first time they had it.
We ordered a Crab Cake as well, and the verdict at the end of it was we should have ordered a few more.  I'm no expert, but the presentation looked pretty nice as well.  If I'm not mistaken, that might have been a squirt of Kewpie Mayonaise on the side there. 
I told my parents to steer clear of the Carrot Ginger soup, as well as the Truffled Mushroom soup, but besides that, they love clam chowders so they ordered the New England Clam Chowder.  We ordered one bowl, but since the server knew that they'd be sharing, they split them up into two seperate bowls for them.  Is that normal?  Because it was nice and unexpected.  Suffice it to say, my parents loved Season's Clam Chowder.  They said it was a step above whatever they've ever had, and liked it as much, if not more than the Boston Clam Chowder they had at Salmon House.  My parents can sometimes be hard to please, especially when it comes to going out and trying new places.  After three different appies, they were still smiles all around, and this made me happy.  Although I didn't prepare the food myself, it made me happy that I could help provide them with an experience, and the look on their faces was more than any present I could ask for.
Another shot of the Crab Cakes.
My dad loves sirloin (I'm partial to prime rib myself, but didn't order it as I didn't have a good experience with it last time) and used to eat a lot of steaks when he was younger, but he cut back on red meat a lot, but once every few years, he'll treat himself and today was one of those occasions.  He ordered the 7 Oz CAB Sirloin Steak, which was cooked marvelously, and perfectly seasoned.  The peppercorn demi-glas wasn't overwhelming and the veg and potatos were nice and tender.  On first bite, he announced that he had a really good steak, which really doesn't happen very often.  I was surprised to see it was cooked medium, exactly as he ordered it.  In my mind, Seasons was redeeming itself by leaps and bounds compared to my first visit.

My mom wasn't all that hungry, and she had just gone to the dentist not long ago, so her teeth were a bit sensitive.  She ordered something a bit easier to chew and she ended up with the Omlet.  My mom seemed to really enjoy it, but for me it tasted good, but it wasn't spectacular.  Guess I was in full-on steak mode and couldn't be bothered with an omlette, haha!

With this one picture, you should practically be able to see the smile on my face.  I ordered my steak fat and bloody, as usual it came blue, just the way I asked.  I was a pig in sugar.  My parents were pleased with the food, the service, the view, and I had a steak cooked exactly the way I wanted.  Would I go back?  Definitely after this experience!  I'm still a bit skeptical about dinner though, and wonder if anyone else experienced this variation in quality and service?  Maybe my next visit will also be in the afternoon!

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