Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ajisen Ramen

Ajisen is a Japanese Ramen chain from Japan that opened up in Parker Place.  It's Chinese owned and operated and I know what you're thinking, that whole authenticity thing.  But if you think about it, the whole concept of ramen is originally Chinese.  Ramen is the Japanese take on a Chinese dish, so it's kind of weird if you think about it: Aji Sen is Chinese people making a Japanese interpretation of a Chinese Dish....I'm confused.  Anyway, I don't really care which ethnicity makes the food, as long as it tastes good, who cares.  There are plenty of examples of Chinese-made Japanese food.  Aji Taro was the perfect example....they used to have great Japanese food...........until it started with the AYCE with the new onwership a few years back...then it was downhill from there.

Ajisen opened up a few years back when there weren't that many ramen shops around.  I think at the time, there was only Kitaro, and Benkei only had the one location.  Ajisen's style of ramen is a bit on the mild side in terms of flavour, but as far as their miso ramen is concerned, it's way better tha Kintaro.....I know, I still haven't done a review on the famous Kintaro ramen yet, but I doubt if I'll ever go back for a bowl of ramen just to get some pictures for a review. 
Miso Ramen with extra chashu.
I used to go there alot for several reasons.  They were located in Richmond, there was free parking, it wasn't overpriced and the ramen wasn't bad.  Aji Sen's ramen is consistent, which some places have a bit of trouble nailing down.  The chashu has a good fat/lean ratio, the broth has a good amount of seasoning, and the service, well, the service isn't bad to be honest.  A bit slow at times, so don't go if you're in a hurry.

I haven't been to Aji Sen in a while, and it's not that I don't like the place.  It's just that I've found other places I'd rather go.  Ever since G-Men opened, I've had some trouble finding a place that's better.  And no, it's not just because G-men is more "Authentic".  It's simply because the taste of G-Men suits be more - fattier, saltier, and generally unhealthier.....but that's ramen.

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