Friday, September 10, 2010

Pajo's Fish and Chips - Garry Point

o's If there's no line up, this place is awesome.  On a hot sunny day during the weekend, this place is a nightmare.  Expect the wait time to order to be around 15 to 20 minutes, then about another 10 minutes or so to pick up your order.  I suppose that's on par with a lot of dine in places, but if you're starving because of that incredbly yummy deep-fried aroma wafting all over the park, and it's 25 + degrees outside and you're in the sun, it REALLY sucks.  But on the same token, after waiting and suffering all that time, the food tastes incredibly awesome and you think to yourself it was worth the wait.
It should go without saying that you're in for a greasy meal, and if you thought anything otherwise, then it must be the first time you've had fish and chips.  Pajo's is no different than any other place, the batter isn't particularly heavy or thin - it's pretty average, the tartar sauce is a little on the boring side( basically mayonaise with a few bits of relish or chopped pickles).  As with most places, the fish and chips are made to order, and you can be guaranteed of this because of the massive line-ups that ensure a high turnover rate of food.

Nothing like a pack of golden fries and freshly fried battered fish when you're walking around the park hungry!

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