Thursday, September 30, 2010

Deli Nippon

Someone told me they felt very "natsukashi" when it came to the ramen, and it reminded them of home...not just Japan, but their own home when their mom made ramen for them.  For me, I can say I liked it.  It defintely had a home-made taste to it, and wasn't nearly as greasy and fatty as some other places (actually, I prefer the extra fat in the broth and the extra fat chashu), but for $7.45, it was a nice, cheaper (and probably less abusive on my heart) alternative.

My group and I were there for the ramen, but Deli Nippon's specialty isn't ramen, and not is it sushi either.  It's actually okonomiyaki.  But for some reason, word is getting around that this place is really good for ramen.  Well, it is and it isn't.  Like I said, their speciality isn't ramen, but they make a decent bowl.  It's not on par with places like G-Men or even Benkei, but that's okay, they don't proclaim themselves to be.  If you're looking for that home-made taste, here it is.  If you're looking for a greasy bowl of salt (like I prefer), then try somewhere else. 

The sushi is okay here, there's a lot of rice, show it's pretty clear they don't specialize in sushi.  Our server (and probably the manager or owner) looked like he belonged in a Kurasawa movie than a little eatery.  I'm not kidding you, he had a striking resemblance to Mifune Toshiro, except stockier.  He was nice enough, but he was a man few words....more like grunts from the hara (where samurai believe the soul resides). 

I tried their okonomiyaki, and it's pretty good.  They have a couple of varieties and the price is pretty decent.  If I were in the area, I'd definitely stop by again.

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  1. Ooooh! This place is quite close to me...I gotta try it one day!!! I actually never tried okonomiyaki before but I have seen it on TV!!! Thanks for the post!

  2. Hey Buddha Girl,

    Nice to see you visiting again! You live in the area? Deli Nippon is actually quite close to where I study Japanese Tea, so my sensei goes there once in a while. It's a discreet little place and the food is pretty inexpensive and tastes very home-made.

    Okonomiyaki is actually quite easy to make at home, and you can vary the recipe quite easily, from mixed seafood, to just squid, to adding cheese or yaki-soba noodles etc...the possiblities are endless.


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