Thursday, September 2, 2010

Todd's Cakes

No, this is not a restaurant review, this is not a coffee shop or desert shop.  This is my buddy Todd.  The biggest hill-billy, gone fishin', truckin', campin' cracker you've ever met, and he makes awesome banana loaf.  When you meet Todd, you'd never think that he even knows what the inside of a kitchen looks like, but he does, and quite well might I add.
I had a chance to witness him making it once, and found out his secret.  He uses bananas that are so brown, they're almost liquid inside.  And loads of chocolate chips.  Anyway, I had to give him some recognition for his masterpiece because it is well and truly *uckin' awesome.


  1. I think I have heard this elusive hill-billy, his cake looks good he never graced me with it though...selfish.

  2. You actually know this guy???? He's such a recluse I didn't think anyone but his wife knew him, haha!


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