Thursday, September 2, 2010


Tomokazu, Richmond Sushi, Aji Taro, Shabusen, all used to be the most decent of the all-you-can-eat sushi places around town.  But over the years, they've all seen a decline in quality and AYCE is now synonmous with crappy quality, and equally crappy service.  It's a place you go to stuff your face with a variety of foods for about $12 for lunch or $22 + for dinner.  AYCE is a place you go with your buds to get full and watch the restaurant make a mockery of the cuisine........'s the place you go to load up on the "expensive" stuff like sashimi or nigiri sushi, and steer clear of the fillers such as rolls.  You can guage how good a place is by how many salmon and tuna nigiri they limit you to per person..... stingy they are with the beef sashimi...
.....if they have prawn tempura on the menu....
.......and hopefully stuff yourself so silly that you have to fight hard not to waste any food because you ordered too much and you don't want to pay any penalties.......
Yes, what you see there is a fly, or at least the wing anyway.  This is the kind of thing you have to accept when you go to AYCE....quality control is out the window because all they're concerned with is getting you full, getting you out of there so the next little piggy can come in and sit at the trough. 

Now that you've heard my rant on AYCE sushi places, here's what I think of Tomokazu.  It used to be good at one point in time, probably on par with Aji Taro, but now....not so much.  The last time I went there, I took that picture with the bits of fly in the salmon sashimi.  My friend Tomomi went there a few months after my last visit and made the mistake of eating the kaki ponzu.  She spend the rest of the night in the vomitorium, purging all night.  Will I ever go there again?  Probably not.  Throwing up just isn't my thing. 

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