Sunday, September 12, 2010

Taki's Taverna

If you're looking for some Greek food on Davie and don't want to line up at Stepho's, there's this place. It has a more "homely" feel to it, rather than a business.  The place is dimly lit, but my camera picked up a pretty bright image.  Apologies for the crappy quality photos of the food, it was hard to get a good image without using flash or a tripod.
They had a fried cheese dish similar to Kisamo's in Steveston.  You can never go wrong with fried cheese.

I ordered the calamari dinner and well, it was ok, tasted very home-made, but it didn't really do it for me.  Everything was a lot smaller than Stepho's or Kisamo's, the Greek salad was miniscule, the rice was a bit bland and the calamari was in the deep frier for a bit too long.  The squiddies came out dark and crispy....or maybe they just didn't change the oil for a long time. 

The service was pretty good and the staff were very friendly.  There was no line up or wait time to get a seat so that's a bonus, but I really didn't like the calamari dinner.  I may go back to try the lamb, but it will be hard to top Kisamo's Roast Lamb dinner.

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