Friday, September 3, 2010

Montana's - Kelowna

The first time I heard of Montana's was back a few years ago when I was up in Kelowna for a car show.  They were supposedly famous for steaks and ribs so I had to try it.  Up until then, my only reference to ribs was Tony Roma's, Dem Bone's, and Cactus Club (which has a pretty mean Jack Daniel rib rack). 
We waited forever to get seated, and once we got a table, it took us forever to get our food.  I have no idea why, it didn't seem that busy.
The atmosphere was interesting, trying to go for a real country-style look that I suppose worked, but it looked a little cluttered and messy.

The cornbread tasted pretty good.
The milkshakes were terrible.  There wasn't enough ice cream in the mix, or maybe it was just melted.  It just tasted like chilled thick cream.....kind of gross actually.
The caesar came with a stalk of celery and a pickle.....a bit wierd, considering most places us the bean or asparagus.  It was a bit watered down.
Then there were the ribs...the world famous ribs from Montana's.  It was a bit of a let-down to say the least.  The meat was chewy and did not just slide off the bone like what I was used to.  I had to work hard to get the bone clean, and on top of that, the meat was bland and flavourless.  Were my expectations too high or were the ribs just bad?  Yep, they were just bad.
On the bright side, we stayed late enough to get this awesome picture of some of our cars. 

Montana's is defintely crossed off my list of places to go for ribs.  Of all the places within a similar price range, I'd say Cactus Club is infinetly better.  Montana's might have other items on their menu that are good, but I can't be bothered to give them the time or my money to find out.

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