Friday, September 3, 2010

De Dutch Pannekoek House - Kelowna

The first time I experienced De Dutch, it was in Kelowna.  We were there for a car show and needed a place big enough to seat all of us, and somehow, De Dutch had the space.  They rearranged some tables and got us all seated together.  The service here was great, and they got our orders and our food arrived pretty quickly.
The eggs benny is what I order now, whenever I go to De Dutch, but at the time, I didn't think it was filling enough and had to have something bigger.....

Eggs, sausages, hash, toast and a bit of salad.  I decided if I have to have a nice filling, hearty breakfast, it's going to have to be Denny's because this meal just wasn't quite enough.  Tasted good, but not filling.  Overall, the service was good, the prices are reasonable, the atmosphere is pleasant.  Sometimes the line-ups can be outrageous, but aside from that, I'd probably go again.

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