Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beer Bros Bakery & Cuisine - Part 1 and 2

- Part I -

Beer Bros became one of the favorites for my group during our stay in Regina.  We were in Regina for a service excellence course, so naturally, we started picking up on what was good customer service, and what was passable.  The servers at Beer Bros had impressed us for the most part and I think that's why we kept going back.  I've only got pictures from two of our visits, but during the two week stay, we went there three times.

I had what has become my now standard drink...Chivas Regal, 12 yrs on ice.
This was some kind of $30 beer......I sampled some and it tasted more like carbonated juice....Tasted good, but I have no idea what good beer is supposed to taste like
The beerogies and sausage.  Everything on the menu had beer in it at one level or other.  And of course, with a lot of beer, the conversation had degenerated to an all time low, what with the sausage jokes and everything.

The pizza/flat bread was really tasty.  This one had blue cheese in it and though it wasn't my order, I found myself reaching over to my friend's plate to grab another slice.
The beef ribs were effin' good.  Tasted more like brisket, but I wasn't complaining because I love my beef with loads of fat.  Again, this was not my dish, but I didn't not feel the slight bit embarrassed about asking for another sample.
The beef kabobs were a bit on the dry side for my tastes, but the flavour was awesome. always makes me giggle to see these things outside of Hon's House of Noodles.
I had a burger, but by the time I got through sampling everyone else's dish, I was full.  I wasn't a big fan of the whole wheat bun, but the filling was good.  And I have to say that was one of the best side salads I'd ever had with a burger.

I just hope the beer wasn't recycled.

- Part II -

Did I mention it was cold in Regina?

More flat bread....
For lunch, I ordered the venison pot pie, with the same salad I had the other night.  It was sooo good, but I had about 3 minutes to enjoy it before our bus left and took us on a field trip to City Hall.

The salad had candied walnuts, blue cheese, this incredible dressing....could have done with out the carrot strings, but whatever, still tasted good overall.

If you end up in Regina for some strange reason, make sure you visit Beer Bros.  If there was one place that stood out in Regina, this place would be it.  Not overly expensive (actually everything is quite affordable), great service (at least the servers we had), and easily accessible.  I actually wish there was one here in Vancouver!

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