Monday, March 7, 2011

The Diplomat

I've been hearing of this place called The Diplomat since before I left Vancouver for Regina.  I noticed that the ratings aren't so hot, but I figured I had to see it for myself.  Upon arrival, the place had this "dignified" aire to it, so I felt relieved that I sort of dressed up for it. 

It felt upscale, but I didn't feel uncomfortable.  The staff were friendly enough, but very professional.
I had my standard Chivas Regal on ice......

Me and my new pals Paige, Adina and Dave.
The bread wasn't too bad, but it was made better with the whipped garlic butter that came with it.  I had a few, but I had plans to stuff my face with some beef after so I didn't pig out on these.
My buddy Dave ordered the escargot.  He said they were good, so I'll take his word for it.
My simple green salad was actually really good.  The veg was very fresh and crisp, but it was the dressing that did it for me.  It was amazing - creamy, but not too rich, and blended perfectly with the greens....just take my word for it, it was good.

So I ordered the 18 oz bone-in Rib Eye.  I asked for blue rare, but of course, it came rare to medium.  I didn't send it back because still tasted good, seasoning was perfect, and it wasn't horrendously overdone.  My colleague however had a bit worse luck with his sirloin.  It was just an aweful overcooked slab of dried out gray matter.  He sent his back, and the replacement wasn't much better, but acceptable.
Our server was great, and professional like I said.  He even did some table-side desserts that turned out pretty amazing.

When you go to the diplomat, you really are paying for the atmosphere and excellent serice.  Food-wise, I think I'd rather give The Keg my money.  Would I go back?  Maybe, if I were ever in Regina again.  Seems like a lot of famouse people had been there as they had a few walls covered with celebs/politicians and their autographs.  They've also got this cool theme going on where there are paintings of most if not all the Prime Ministers of Canada.

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