Monday, March 7, 2011

Beijing Cuisine

Back in Vancouver, yay!  I had a great time in Regina the last two weeks, more fun than I deserved, but I'm glad to be back to food blogging in Vancouver.  In just two weeks, I rose to stardom on Urban Spoon Regina, and am currently ranked #1 in Regina, and #2 in Saskatchewan, haha!
I went out with my parents the first night back and my mom wanted to try someplace she read about.  We were a little skeptical at first because the place was empty. 
We got some lamb stuffed in sao bing...we were not off to a good start.  The lamb was very gamey, and it'd been cooked too long.  The sao bing was also a bit tough....really, really chewy.  They look tasty, but unfortunately not.
The shao long bao was where Beijing Cuisine redeemed itself.  These little suckers were packed with soup, really tasty pork broth/fat and the skins were thin enough, but didn't break when picking them up.  My parents said thew were close to perfect.
The green onion pancake (cong you bing,......I know how to say it, have no clue how to spell it) was awesome here.  They were nice and flaky on the outside, just the right about of these.  In fact, partly why I agreed to go here was because I was craving these.
Hot and sour soup.....this was okay for me, but my mom wasn't a big fan.  It's true, I've tasted better, but it wasn't bad.
Some sort of meat pie.  My dad makes these at home, so it was a taste of home for me.....with my dad sitting right there, I would rather have had them at home.
Xie ke huang, a nice little pastry stuffed with sugar and lard, how can you go wrong?  These are another snack that my parents used to often prepare (haha the frozen variety in the toaster oven).

The service was friendly enough, and the food came pretty quick.  Prices were reasonable and to my surprise, I was quite full by the time we left.  I'd probably go back....

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