Monday, March 7, 2011

Fibber Magee's

Cheap beer at certain times of the day, not so good food, friendly but slightly disorganized service and understaffed, even though it was dead when we went.  After a really rough Saturday night, I was pretty much spent and not really able to go out again and get blitzed. 

 Fibber Magee's was pretty dead on a Sunday night, which suited me just fine because I wasn't really in a party mood anyway

Someone ordered Fish 'n Chips.....forgot to ask if it was any good.

Apparently the nachos were decent
I ordered another burger......
.....with a side of salad....totally counterproductive, but whatever.  It was the only way I could justify eating all that junk food.  My burger was a bit disappointing because it tasted like a hockey puck.....totally dried out.  My salad was good though!

So, I have no idea if this place ever gets busy, but it was really, really dead the night we went.  There was one guy working, and it seemed like he didn't really know his job.  He was a nice guy though, and he was trying, so I can't really fault him there.  Most of us were hungover from the night before still so the quiet atmosphere was just fine, though I can imagine that if we were a bit more chipper, the place would seem downright depressing.

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