Saturday, March 5, 2011

La Bodega

 La Bodega was a pretty long walk from the Wingate where we were all staying.  A 15-20 minute walk may as well have been an hour considering it was -30 that night.  One of our pals soon learned to regret just walking out in a sweatshirt.


No wonder my frozen friend ordered a hot soup!
I rarely eat escargot, and it's not because I don't like it.  It's just that it's not readily available and most places I frequent don't serve it.  I'm glad someone ordered it though because the sauce alone would have been worth it. 
Foie Gras was delicious.....but there was so little of it!  The tiny little sliver of foie seemed even smaller on the huge plank of wood it came on.  It tasted like heaven, but I just wished there was more of it!

I don't know what I was thinking, but I ordered nachos.  The bare chips came with some salsa, some guacamole, and some sour cream.  Really plane-jane.

.The walk back was a nightmare, the wind had picked up and it felt even colder.  As you can tell from this picture, I was miserable.  For just a few seconds of exposure, my hands were completely numb from taking this photo.  

La Bodega was an interesting little tapas bar.  The atmosphere was cool, and the service was good.  Don't think I'd ever go back unless it was summer the next time I visit Regina!

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