Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I only have myself to blame for trying Japanese food at Chrystal Mall Food court.  I was at the Hilton for a workshop that day and I felt like doing a review on some place local.  I remember there being a tempura shop at Chrystal Mall years and years ago, and it was pretty good at the time.  I couldn't find it but the seed was already planted in my mind and I wanted something Japanese.......I should have stuck with Chinese food.
Beef teryiaki don........loads of sauce...maybe a bit too much, too much veg.  I sudddenly had nightmarish flashbacks of Little Japan, but this place was cheaper and tastier.

When I went to check out the menu, they didn't have any sort of chirashi don and just out of curiosity, I asked and the cashier had no idea what a chirashi don was.  I decided to spend as little as possible at that point and ordered a spicy tuna roll which was okay, but a lot smaller than what I've had at other places.  Not to mention that most places don't wrap theirs with seaweed (rice on the outside).  The dynamite roll was bigger than your average dynamite roll. 

The sushi tasted okay, but not great.  The prices were reasonable, but damn was the service slow.  They had one person working the hot food, another person working the sushi (probably the mom and pop that owned the place) and a cashier that just stood there and watched the other two work.  I will probably not go here again.

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