Monday, March 7, 2011

Umi Sushi Express - Regina

After my experience with Wasabi Sushi, I never in a million years expexted to find any good sushi in Regina.  But the problem was that I was getting some huge cravings for sushi and I broke down the next day and had lunch at Umi Sushi Express.  Now my experience with Umi Sushi in Vancouver was a horrendous one, with cold, hard rice and small slivers of fish.  I had no hopes, but I was desperate.  To my surprise, the location in Regina (Cornwall Centre) had some half-decent sushi.

I have no idea what this roll was called, but it tasted good.  It had some yam in it, and the whole thing was deep-fried.  It was still warm when I got it, so definite thumbs up for this one.
I orderd a spicy tuna roll, currently my favourite roll.  The tuna actually tasted fresh.

I didn't have a good a good experience in Vancouver with Umi Sushi, but here in Regina, I was pleasantly surprised.  Was it because my expecations were so low, or was I just desperate for sushi?  I don't think it was either.  I actually think the sushi here was pretty good.  The rolls were freshly made and still carried the residual heat from the chefs.  The prices were over the top considering what I got, but hey, I was in Regina and I was desperate.  I ended up going there one more time for lunch during my stay in Regina.

If you want to see some wacked out prices, Regina Airport had a shop that was selling California Rolls for $8.00.....

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  1. Umi Sushi is delicious. Have never had a bad experience from there.

  2. Hey Anonymous,

    Thanks for reading, yeah they were pretty tasty, but I've had a horrible experience with their Vancouver location. The Regina location was actually not bad =)



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