Friday, March 18, 2011

I overcooked my steak.....&*$%#@

Crap...after all the moaning I do about steak places overcooking my steak, I go and overcook my steak at home.

I started off by getting the steaks down to room temperature then just dumped on the seasoning.  You're going to lose half the seasoning when you transfer the steaks to the frying pan anyway, so I went a little nuts.
I made sure the pan was smoking hot before throwing on the steaks.

When the steaks were about half-way done, I threw a little margarine into the mix for flavour.  You should use butter, but I was too lazy to open a brand new packet of butter.  Why doesn't butter come in a nice sealable container like margarine?

Scooping and basting the steaks in their own grease and butter/margarine.
Turn the steaks on their sides and fry the grisle
Then let the steaks rest a bit before cutting.
And voila....overcooked my #&$%@ steaks.  I spent too long playing with the butter bath I guess, and ended up cooking them medium-rare to medium.  Blagh!

Oh well, I'll try again some other time.  Here are a couple of shots of when I did cook some steaks to the way I like them:

These were perfect, although it would have been nicer if I used the cut of beef from the top of this post.  Oh well, trial and error.

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