Monday, March 7, 2011

Chili's - Calgary Airport

On our way back from Regina, some of us  connected in Calgary airport for an hour or so.  It was the end of our two week Service Excellence course so we were all on the look out for examples of good customer service.  I found a great example at Chili's Bar and grill. 

This may sound silly and insignificant, but I hate celery in my caesars.  I think it cheapens the drink so I was hoping for at best a bean or asparagus. When our server Danielle returned to say that they didn't have either, I was ready to cancel my drink order, but she offered me olives. I love olives. I was never expecting to get any olives with my caesar, but Danielle made it happen.

When I finished my drink and found lipstick on the rim, I was a bit surprised and thought (or wished, haha!) that maybe one of my colleagues wanted to leave me a momento. Turns out that wasn't the case, but anyway, I wasn't going to complain about it, seeing as how I already finished my drink, but Danielle noticed it and comped my drink anyway.  Plus points for Danielle and talk about giving me the pickle.
My friend giving me her opinion on what she thought of me taking pictures of her food.....or maybe it was just her opinion of me.
I ordered a burger which was a bit disappointing.  The meat was dried out, and after having several burgers in Regina where every place griddled the bun, I was not used to having a plain dry bun.  The yam fries were also raw in the middle.
Looks tasty, but looks are deceiving.

The customer service delivered by Danielle was top notch, she was friendly, she got my food quick, and she took care of us. The food on the other hand was a bit of a miss I'm afraid.....but I would go back just for the excellent customer service I got from Danielle. Thanks Danielle!

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