Friday, March 11, 2011

Romer's Burger revisited.

Foie Gras is off their menu.........%&*$#@!  I loved having that little patty of foie in the Kobe Classic and now, because of some bunny-hugging, tree loving hippie protesters, I can't get my foei.  Ok, enough venting.  My buddy Eric's in town and he was the one who introduced me to Romer's Burger Bar sometime last year.  Usually a patron of fine dining, he couldn't resist the urger to get in touch with the savage inside and get a couple of really good burgers down our necks.

Our server was pretty cool.  Although she did recommend some beer that turned out a bit rancid, she kept us smiling and happy to be there.
Eric before drinking the stewy stuff.
Can't go wrong with Chivas Regal
The Prime Rib Burger - burger of the gods.
Just look at this mountain of meat!

I ordered the daily special.  I forgot what it was called, but it was a mix of ground beef and brisket.....oh man, how can you go wrong with brisket in your burger patty???  It was served with saurkraut and some other stuff and the end result was pure food sex.
We got some yam fries for good measure......yam fries, haha, I even saw these in Regina.  They're everywhere now.... 
As if we weren't stuffed enough.....we ordered 4 trays of chicken wings which I forgot the picture for, but here are the Drunken Donuts to ensure we were uncomfortable by the end of the night.
My pals Eric and Jay thinking it was funny to order too much food.
Me, contemplating how I'm going to eat all the donuts wiithout sharing with my friends.
I have to say that Romer's Burger is by far my favourite burger joint.  Although they took Foie Gras off the menu.....yes, they took it off the menu and that well and truly pissed me off to no end.  I'll still go back though, because the burgers are still the definition of awesome and everthing we've had on the menu (except for the beer, haha!).  Our service was great, the food was great and the prices are more than reasonable.


  1. What? No more foie gras? Off my wishlist! LMAO...

  2. Haha, Elaine, my loyal reader....I think you're the only one left in this world reading my blog, haha!

    Yeah, can you believe it???? No more foie gras at Romer's! I'm so pissed!


  3. Hey, I read your blog too. I enjoy your dry humour too.:) Just that I havent had a chance to post any comments till now.

  4. Hey Crispy Lechon!

    Thanks for reading too! Where can I get some good lechon in town? I'm dying to get some!


  5. I'm also looking for an authentic Filipino style lechon. Haven't found one yet here in the Lower Mainland. I'll let you know when I found it.

  6. This burger is making me drool.I need to try it and the drunken donuts, something I've never heard of? I just hope my arteries don't clog up after this meal!

  7. Hi Gloria

    Thanks for reading! Lol, I drooled when writing the review! I've even got a little drool going on as I write this reply! I love Romer's Burger and I'm looking forward to going back.

    Try the Drunken Donuts, the are definitely worth the heart attack!



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