Wednesday, March 9, 2011

White Spot - Richmond Centre

I've been to the White Spot in Richmond Centre only a few times, but one thing I have to say is that I get consistent good service there.  I don't usually go to White Spot, but once in a while, I get a craving for their legendary burger with the Special-O sauce, and it's always good.  I guess you could say, how can you screw up a hamburger, but actually, it can be done.

As you can tell, I took a lot of pictures of  my burger (which actually isn't the legendary), and a shot of my friends whatever-sandwich.  The fries are bottomless, but I never, ever find that I need a refill, the coleslaw is there for I don't know what.  It has no nutritional value what so ever, doesn't taste particularly good......yet I still eat it, haha!  Anyway, decent service, good food, ok prices.  The prices at White Spot have been steadily on the rise the last few years, and in part because they're trying go all high-end and trendy.  Gone are the days of the truck-stop diner prices...eventually I will stop going, but for now, it's still reasonable.

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  1. I like the Monty Mushroom burger =D

  2. Hey Elaine,

    Hmm, I'll have to try that. Did you ever get a chance to try Romer's Burger yet?



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